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who is this guy Anyway?


Working on my comic Havoc has been keeping me busy, but it's work I not only love, but crave to do. Honestly, this kind of project is one of the things that really excites me about being an artist. I get to create something fresh, something new that people can dive into and use to take a breath from their challenges.

Stories are ubiquitous among every culture, race and country, and in those stories we find characters that we know and grow to love. I have found so much excitement in creating those characters, and telling those stories! The comic I mentioned before (Havoc) is one of the first stories I will be telling to a large audience. In a funny way, it feels like I'm "paying it forward" the world another story that they might love, just as James Christensen, Christopher Nolan, and Tolkien gave stories to me.

I am currently living in Utah with my wife, Emily. I feel that my success as an artist is as much a spotlight for her as it is for me. 

I have an incomprehensible and frankly unhealthy love for baked goods, though nothing beats a long weekend with my  family and tormenting my wife with movie quotes and character impersonations.

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