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Current project: HAvoc

Havoc Cover_Cameron Royce.png

Havoc - pg 1_Cameron Royce.png
Havoc pg 2_Cameron Royce.png
Havoc pg 4_Cameron Royce.png
Havoc pg 5_Cameron Royce.png
Havoc Landscapes.png
ESKA - 3 pose.png
Havoc fisherman
Day 11- SNOW-Color.png
Goat rider.png
Havoc Landscapes.png
Silo character design.png
Havoc Archer.png
Havoc Landscapes.png
Day 20- TREAD.color.png
Toba's study- items.png

"There in the wild,

The abandoned land,

A place no one wants to be-

Chin up, 

Eyes up,

Kick your feet...

Something follows

That you cannot see..."


-Toba, Scroll-hand of Kozo Province 

Havoc Horse Linework.png
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