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2019-in progress


Design challenges

(This is gonna sound real cheesy until you fix it) The protector of an ancient power finds himself out of his element, and over his head. Failure is not an option, but is he strong enough to do what needs to be done?

How do you make something look cute, but not too cute? How do you tell a story that is appropriate for a young audience, but pulls on the interests of an other one as well?

Even choosing the title for the project was a huge challenge. There were options that were too serious for a story about dwarf-sized hacky-sack people, and other titles that were too childish for the great story I wanted to tell. Havoc just seemed to be just right. It's a name that's not based on a particular point of the plot, but fits the work and overall story perfectly.

Silo character design.png
ESKA - 3 pose.png

The overall look and feel of Havoc is inspired by my deep love of Asia. All throughout my childhood I had an interest in the Chinese dynasties, Japanese Samurai...and later had the opportunity to live in Korea! The aesthetic that surrounds their cultures continues to blow me away. 

Toba's study- items.png


   Those who called themselves good have made choices that redefined the world, and because of this, those who were not always evil, now threaten the peace.

   Havoc is a fantasy genre graphic novel set in a unique world.

"Insert a good quote about the novel. Hopefully someone's going to like it enough to say something amazing!"


Havoc Horse Linework.png


Havoc Archer.png

Populating the world are a small people made of stitching and stuffing. 



Like The Hobbit, 'Havoc'  is a story that a wide range of readers can enjoy. This is not to say that it's for everyone, but it could be for you. 

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