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Mentoring package

for character design

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Who Should Apply?

If you are a beginner or intermediate character designer that is looking to level up your technique and/ or concepts, this package may be for you! You’ll get 1:1 time (via video chat) with me, without the huge expense of going to art school or high monthly subscription fees that chisel away at your wallet.

Why Choose 1:1 Mentoring?

Let's be real, there is enough free instructional material on YouTube to make a filing cabinet that could open to Mars. We all use it. But sometimes despite the tutorials we watch and the things we practice, we still aren't seeing the results we want. Not only that, but you spend valuable drawing time slogging through a dragon's horde of speed painting videos and demos. They are helpful, but there comes a point when you need more. 

Why Work with Cameron Royce?

Through our meeting I will be able to help you see what needs to change to make your work stronger than it currently is. Wherever you are stuck in the process-  your imagination/ ideas, design and composition, inking techniques, creative block...those are all things I have experienced and know how to help you tackle. This package is the offering of a guide to set you in the right direction. Maybe you can't afford the monthly subscriptions or school tuition right now, but still want to improve. This package is for you! 

   How Does the Mentoring Package Work? ​

Step 1: Application - Send me 5-7 pieces of your work with the particular questions and items that you would like to cover in our meeting if you are selected. Send email to (Note that application does not guarantee selection.) This can be finished work that you would like critiqued, sketches that you are unsure how to tackle as a digital painting, general questions about the body of work, etc. Whatever you send, please send at least 3 pieces that you consider "complete".

Step 2: Initial Review - I want to make sure that your technique is at a level where your time and money are well spent by purchasing this package. I review your questions and images to determine whether or not 1:1 mentoring is a good fit for you at this time. You will hear from me within 7 days.

Step 3: The First Meeting - The moment you've been waiting for! After determining a time that works for both of us, I will give you a video call- I will be using things like Photoshop and a digital drawing tablet to do draw overs of your work, screen-sharing the demo so you can follow along while I explain the answers to your questions and critique your work. I will have your answers and demos prepared ahead of time so that you get the best value for your investment. The meeting is 1 hour long, and I spend up to 2 hours before that reviewing your work and putting together our meeting based off your individual needs and submitted questions.

Step 4: The Re-submit -  After our meeting, you are going to have things to tweak and improve, or maybe redo! Take time to apply the things we talked about, then submit your latest work to me for a final review and critique via email or video.

Step 5 (Optional): Reapplication - Perhaps time has passed and you have more questions, or new things you'd like to cover. You can apply for a second package, at a discount! This package has the same steps as the first- application, review, meeting, re-submission. You may reapply for packages as often as you feel you need them.

Mentoring Package Cost:

Single payment of $150 includes all four steps of the process.

This must be paid through PayPal, before our first meeting.

Repeat Package at a discount:

Single payment of $135

This must be paid through PayPal, before our meeting.

Get the character design help you've been looking for

and learn how to design better characters at an

affordable price.


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