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I've started exploring a location in Havoc known as "The Seep", a collection of broken islands and dense jungle. It's so important to nail down the shapes and colors. I want to make sure that the tone of the artwork matches the tone of the dialogue and other writing I'll be doing. It's been such a fun design process though- I'm pulling from things I saw during a trip to Hawai'i, as well as photographs my Dad took on a trip to Thailand and Bali. (Definitely a testament to getting out of the studio once and while.) The "Messenger" concepts are a character idea I had while doing design work on another character, a sort of "happy accident". I've already started to try and work him into the story excited to see where he goes. What I've learned this week: Consistently putting in undivided time goes so far. Planning, and keeping to the plan is absolutely crucial to me for finishing things. (Truthfully this is something I've learned about 378 times, but this week was a good reminder) What's been challenging: Balancing time spent between writing and drawing is an interesting challenge. There will be times where I'm more in the mood to draw than to write, but I don't have the specific character or story nailed down. Sometimes taking a breather and going to the sketchbook can help with developing story ideas, but there comes a point where you have to write, or it's just not going to move forward. Back to Havoc? I chose that for a title because I haven't been working on it for a few months. I've gone in and out with the idea, wondering if it's worth the time and work it would take to get it off the ground. Ultimately I decided that it was worth it, and that if I've been fiddling around with this project for (holy nuggets it's been like 2 YEARS...yeesh) then I really need to just dive in and get this sucker rolling. There have been some great conversations with several people that helped me decide to commit to this, but we'll save that for another day! Cameron

Oh..and that key! What could it open...

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