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Havoc Chapter 1: Updates

The main character of Havoc has had so many revisions and changes...I've always known the tone of character and the way I wanted him to interact with other characters and the world around him, but couldn't hammer down the right motivation. This week I feel like I made good strides with those parts of the story and really now how to tackle his design better. (Designs are included below- the colored images were done nearly a year ago)

Today I dialed in on his tools and mount. In the beginning of the story, Eska, (Main character) is a common tomb raider. He's rough around the edges, and doesn't enjoy his line of work, but it keeps him afloat. I need him to look quiet, and rough but not evil.

I also gave him a pack animal- something he could use to carry his hauls. I picture him being nomadic, and something about a shaggy pack-yak just seemed to fit.

The design on the bottom right was the first shot- I was originally wanting to create something between a tapir and a horse (trying to keep to the jungle theme) But decided it wasn't carrying the mood I was going for. The beast needed to be slow and unpleasant, much like Eska's life.

The designs immediately turned in the direction of a yak or buffalo. These are all such rough sketches, but they help me find the shapes I want to pair with Eska.

(above) The general shape language and aesthetic of several locations and props in Havoc have moved from a Japanese influence to something more Aztec or Ancient American. I've been copying pictographs and hieroglyphs to practice shapes and find ways to incorporate them into my designs.

That's all for this update! More to come soon.


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